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Get ready Guide for Durga Pooja Look!





Durga Puja is around the corner and if you have still not figured out what to wear on this occasion then you must go through easy breezy look especially curated by Pink Paparazzi.

A vibrant red cotton designer Blouse that has three-fourth sleeves and Goddess Durga hand painted on the back side and the sleeves.This simple understated blouse can be a head turner and can take your effortless chic game a notch up.

Extend this true Indian look with a comfortable dual tone Grey Linen Saree offered by Pink Paparazzi.

To add to the glamour I accessorized with traditional Jhumkas in a trendy spiral design and not to forget a hand work clutch that matches the blouse and completes the dress up game.

Now you are all set to unleash your style statement for Durga Puja Pandal hopping.
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Hand Painted Blouse @ Pink Paparazzi – Rs 1800/-

Dual Tone Linen Saree @ Pink Paparazzi Rs 3100/-

Spiral Jhumkas @ Pink Paparazzi Rs 250/-

Hand Work Velvet clutch @ Pink Paparazzi Rs 700/-

Look Book 2018

Saree for a summer afternoon!

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (5)

Chiffon sarees are one of a kind and can possibly look great in both it’s minimalism and grandeur.It’s one such graceful fabric that makes it eye catching and absolutely hard to overlook.

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (2)

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi

This beautiful saree that I am wearing is powder pink pure chiffon.It has hand block prints of rose boughs that look refreshing against the soothing pink color.



I am in love with chiffons as the fabric gives an instant effortless styled sophistication that reminds us of the classics.Well,when talking about classics how can I forget to mention my all time fashion icon Maharani Gayatri Devi since I believed she had an impeccable and a truly minimalist sense of fashion and could carry a very simple saree with such grace that left the onlookers like me mesmerised.

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (8)

Chiffon is an ideal choice for summers.One can always find a chiffon saree for every moment.Something like what I am wearing has a demure pastel effect that brings us back the today’s vogue of going unicorn-ey. This floral chiffon is perfect for sunny afternoons spent with ice lollies in our hands and that room on the roof with an wild rose plant peeping from the top.

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (4)


Kashmir collection-Black color saree

Indian wedding sarees online shopping

Designer sarees blouses online shopping Label of Pink Paparazzi showcases pure refinement with its intricate designs, premium quality fabric and outstanding creativity.  Pink Paparazzi always tries to bring unique and unseen combinations and hence, we are bringing to you the best of Kashmir.

Indian wedding sarees online shopping


Such is a beauty of Kashmir! Kashmir has a lot of reds to behold! Like the red apples in the orchards of Gulmarg or the reddening leaves of the Chinar tree that cover the roads and can often be found after the onset of winter hiding inside the cold, freezing snow, still ablaze with their bright fiery color! Kashmir is also home to a variety of animal species that inhabit the rugged terrain. The infamous saffron, that grows here gives rise to the delicious pink tea!

Indian wedding sarees online shopping


Kashmir is well known for all its reds and greens. You look around and find apples peeking from inside the green of the apple orchards and the Chinar leaves turning red as monsoon season gives way to autumn. The red poppy grows around and cascades on the road, a bowed bougainvillea tree with its branches full of peach petals, bowing to everyone and offering season’s greetings. This is what is called ‘Heaven on Earth’ the beautiful ‘KASHMIR’!!

Indian wedding sarees online shopping

Kashmir, also boasts of great sense in fashion – the beautiful Aari work Kashmiri embroidery! We at Pink Paparazzi promise to bring you Kashmir in a never before seen version, in colours and combinations, that are rare and unique just like the place. After all, we all have a part of our hearts, that we have kept saved up or left behind in Kashmir!

Indian wedding sarees online shopping

Did you ever find a frozen chinar leaf? One, covered in pristine, white snow? That has taken up the shape of the leaf and looks like a sugar crystal leaf! And, that jet black raven that flew and settled on the window pane, with its wings full of snow flakes, as it flutters its wings and brushes them off. Inspired by a jet black raven and frozen chinar leaves, we have brought to you, a raven black artificial georgette designer saree, that has white frozen chinar leaf embroidery, running all over the pallu and along the edges as a border! Comes with a artificial  georgette blouse fabric in the same color and has embroidery on the sleeves.

Colors may appear slightly different due to photography lightening conditions and your monitor display settings.The Blouse worn by the model in the image is not included with the saree. Stay tuned to our web store to explore the new whole range of Blouses.


Winters are here !!

Exclusive designer sarees online @Pink Paparazzi

November is already here, and we can all feel the chill in the wind already. As much as we look forward to winter, it also comes with its fair share of skin problems. Dry skin being the common one for all of us. That weird stretchy and grainy feeling on your skin is something which we all want to avoid. We all wonder, how those pretty heroines in movies manage to look so stunning even when they are twirling or running about in freezing cold places. Well, here are a few skincare tips and also some fashion tips that might help you achieve great smooth skin and make you a stunner this winter!

Tip 1: Water

Keeping your skin and body hydrated in definitely something which you need to do always. Winter though cold, is a dry season and keeping yourself hydrated enough from inside, will help your skin from becoming too dry and will prevent the chalky grainy texture. Green tea also works wonder for your skin and hydrates it as well! Drinking plenty of plain water too will make your skin supple and smooth.

Tip 2: Dark Chocolate

This option is definitely not for those who are very conscious about their calorie intake. However, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that help in making your skin radiant and prevents untimely age marks. It also contains flavonoids that help protect the skin from UV rays, thus acting as a natural sunscreen, especially for those with low melanin levels.

Tip 3: Sunscreen

Sunscreens with a minimum of SPF 60 are required for winters. Just because the weather is cool, doesn’t mean that the sun’s UV rays are cool too. They cause equal damage to your skin as they would on a sultry, summer day. So, keeping a sunscreen in your bag and wearing one is a must.

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Tip 4: Moisturizer

This is an essential throughout winter. Its extremely important that you apply a moisturizer to your skin right after using a face wash. Face washes contain soap that leave your skin dry and chapped, so using a moisturizer is very necessary. Using a moisturizing body lotion after taking a bath and before going to bed are also one of the many things that need to be included in the winter skincare regime.

Tip 5: Lip Balm

Our lips are made from very delicate skin cells and need extra protection. No one wants chapped and dry lips and the bleeding ones are even more painful. So, it’s wiser to start using a good lip balm right before the onset of winter.

Tip 6: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for good skin and hair health. Having fruits rich in vitamin C, like oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons and other citrus fruits are essential for good skin in winter. Taking Vitamin C capsules too works wonders. For those, who are allergic to Vitamin C intake, they can use aloe vera gel mixed with a little olive oil and two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply it as a mask on their skin. However, a little bit of swatch test is recommended just to check if your skin is happy with the mask or not.

There goes all the skin care regime. Not really hard and all easy to find stuff.

Plain saree designer blouse buy online @ Pink Paparazzi

As for your hair, washing it once or twice (very oily hair) is fine. Washing your hair too much in winter will leave it dry, frizzy and brittle. Thus, it’s best to wash once a week, as in winters you sweat less, so your hair normally should stay put and manageable.

Now, for the teeny tiny fashion tips, winter is the time for rich and dark colors. Burgundy, Maroon, Dark Green and all sorts of bold colors that you normally think twice before sporting. Well, now is the time for you to sport those colors with confidence! Remember that Mac Diva lipstick you bought ages ago, but weren’t sure how to sport? Well put on a pretty dark colored costume and wear the lipstick with confidence. You will definitely turn heads for sure!

img 12.1

Readymade designer saree blouses online @ Pink Paparazzi

Keeping the eye makeup simple is what we recommend. A bit of eyeliner and a swish of clear, elongating mascara, should do the trick. And don’t forget to add the moisturizer to your base foundation! Else, your make up might start looking grainy and very coarse. Now that’s a nightmare!

Winter is all about great fashion and loads of hot cocoa cups, so dress up, show up and never give up!

img 9.1

We at Pink Paparazzi aspire to progress the ideologies of Indian exquisiteness with designer saree blouses online shopping. Based at the serene city of Zirakpur, Punjab, www.pinkpaparazzi.in  is a distinctive portal to buy cheap Indian sarees online which exhibits sheer elegance and gracefulness through its assorted online collection of exclusive designer sarees and blouses for the beautiful ladies out there. Commenced on the year of 2016, Pink Paparazzi is the brainchild of the mesmerizing Chetna Gandhi, who herself has fashioned each and every attire with a touch of elegance and sophistication to it. Designer sarees blouses online shopping Label of Pink Paparazzi showcases pure refinement with its intricate designs, the premium quality fabric and the outstanding creativity. You can browse through our exclusive collection of Indian sarees and blouses online shop sitting right at home and receiving the delivery on your doorstep.

We at Pink Paparazzi firmly believe in “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades“.



Designer saree blouses online shopping @ Pink Paparazzi !!

Wore a very upbeat contemporary white silk sleeveless Pink Paparazzi blouse with a traditional silk saree for an evening.

Exclusive designer sarees online



Buy readymade saree blouse online @ Pink Paparazzi

Donning Pink Paparazzi look for a cocktail evening💕
A black net crop blouse with plain neon yellow saree. Hope you all like it!!

Plain saree with designer blouse buy online (2)



Readymade designer saree blouses online @ Pink Paparazzi !!

Teamed a Rainbow 🌈 blouse from Pink Paparazzi with a turmeric yellow saree for a welfare function.

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