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Get ready Guide for Durga Pooja Look!





Durga Puja is around the corner and if you have still not figured out what to wear on this occasion then you must go through easy breezy look especially curated by Pink Paparazzi.

A vibrant red cotton designer Blouse that has three-fourth sleeves and Goddess Durga hand painted on the back side and the sleeves.This simple understated blouse can be a head turner and can take your effortless chic game a notch up.

Extend this true Indian look with a comfortable dual tone Grey Linen Saree offered by Pink Paparazzi.

To add to the glamour I accessorized with traditional Jhumkas in a trendy spiral design and not to forget a hand work clutch that matches the blouse and completes the dress up game.

Now you are all set to unleash your style statement for Durga Puja Pandal hopping.
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Hand Painted Blouse @ Pink Paparazzi – Rs 1800/-

Dual Tone Linen Saree @ Pink Paparazzi Rs 3100/-

Spiral Jhumkas @ Pink Paparazzi Rs 250/-

Hand Work Velvet clutch @ Pink Paparazzi Rs 700/-

Look Book 2018


When the sun slowly rises up from the horizon,the breaking dawn brings us a myriad of colors in sunrise hues.

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I absolutely love the red and purple duo and the new #OppoF9Pro will soon be available in this gorgeous gradient.Thank you @missmalini for this awesome trend!

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Look Book 2018

Saree for a summer afternoon!

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (5)

Chiffon sarees are one of a kind and can possibly look great in both it’s minimalism and grandeur.It’s one such graceful fabric that makes it eye catching and absolutely hard to overlook.

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (2)

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi

This beautiful saree that I am wearing is powder pink pure chiffon.It has hand block prints of rose boughs that look refreshing against the soothing pink color.



I am in love with chiffons as the fabric gives an instant effortless styled sophistication that reminds us of the classics.Well,when talking about classics how can I forget to mention my all time fashion icon Maharani Gayatri Devi since I believed she had an impeccable and a truly minimalist sense of fashion and could carry a very simple saree with such grace that left the onlookers like me mesmerised.

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (8)

Chiffon is an ideal choice for summers.One can always find a chiffon saree for every moment.Something like what I am wearing has a demure pastel effect that brings us back the today’s vogue of going unicorn-ey. This floral chiffon is perfect for sunny afternoons spent with ice lollies in our hands and that room on the roof with an wild rose plant peeping from the top.

powder pink floral chiffon saree - pink paparazzi (4)

Look Book 2018

Kashmir Ki Kali Part-II

Hello beautiful people,

Pink Paparazzi always tries to bring unique and unseen combinations and hence, we are bringing to you – Kashmir Ki Kali Part-II! An emerald green saree with floral Aari work embroidery…

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Kashmir is well known for all its reds and greens. You look around and find apples peeking from inside the green of the apple orchards and the Chinar leaves turning red as monsoon season gives way to autumn. The red poppy grows around and cascades on the road, a bowed bougainvillea tree with its branches full of peach petals, bowing to everyone and offering season’s greetings. This is what is called ‘Heaven on Earth the beautiful ‘KASHMIR’!!

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Three must have heirloom sarees for a wedding Trousseau!!

Thing passed down from generation to generation have some sort of magic laced on them as if there are hidden messages and secrets in them that the future generations are yet to decipher. An old belonging that was owned by someone you probably would have never have met and nor will but can still feel their touch and fragrance through these small things that have been a witness for so long!

Yes, we are talking about family heirlooms. They are like small time machines, that  on physical contact, can teleport you to a time, when that entity was young and was a beloved possession of someone from the family tree. In India, there is a tradition among women to pass down richly weaved sarees down the family line. It is like passing down the family crest and keeping the culture intact.

Sarees like Jamavar, Tanchoi and Baluchari are some of the most common but expensive heirlooms to be found!


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Jamavar silk Saree

What is Jamavar? Jamavar is a luxurious transformation of a silk saree with distribution of complex design on the silk or Pashmina. The patterns that play peek-a-boo in a Jamavar saree are usually made of valuable fibre and are quiet heavy and of immense worth! “Jama” means robe and “war/var” means chest or metaphorically body. These sarees are best made out of Kashmir’s Pashmina silk and the hide and seek designs are made of brocaded threads. Made of rich and shiny silk, these are vintage sarees and are a prized possession!



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Baluchari Silk Saree

What is Baluchari? The most unique and traditional sarees are the Baluchari silk ones! These sarees originated in Bengal and Bangladesh and depict various mythological scenes all over their border and pallu. The field of the saree is generally spread with small floral designs. Balucharis can be broadly categorized based on threads used in weaving the patterns:

  • Baluchari (Resham) 
  • Baluchari (Meenakari) 
  • Swarnachari (Baluchari in gold)

They are weaved with rich gold thread and meenakari work and are a class apart! No doubt ….the best family heirloom saree that one can ever possess!


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Tanchoi Silk Saree

What is Tanchoi Silk? Tanchoi is a complex and elaborate weaving technique as it involves two or more different coloured silk threads on a single silk fabric. Originally Tanchoi art was brought to India by ‘Choi’ brothers from China. Therefore this technique came to be known as Tanchoi. The weavers from Benaras started incorporating Zari work into Tanchoi sarees. The Benaras Tanchoi have several different variety:

  • Satin Tanchoi
  • Satin zari Tanchoi
  • Mushabbar
  • Atlas or Gilt

No wonder, they are passed down the family tree!

Women should invest their money on such luscious sarees because just like diamonds, these sarees are forever. They are absolutely worth investing money on. Such invaluable sarees can be handed over from generation to generation and can travel through the test of time. It is known that a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets. Women often associate their thoughts and dreams with certain things, which they believe can keep them safe and untouched.

Such a thing of great value are often handed over by them to another woman, whom they trust the most, in the hope that their unfulfilled dreams might be fulfilled by the upcoming generation. Its like trusting that one person with your untold dreams. That’s the value of a family heirloom. It’s not just a thing of monetary worth, but also a huge mix of emotions and sentiments and hence, owning one, to hand over in the future, is definitely worth it.

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Ways to pair up old sarees with trendy Blouses!!


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We all are accustomed to the mundane Blouses with regular neckline or a deep back. However, with the advent of fusion style, Blouses have been getting trendier everyday! What can be better than styling an old saree with a trendy Blouse?  So, below is a small catalogue which could take our saree style to a different level.

1.    Back embroidered Blouse
Indian wedding sarees online shopping (2)

This blouse with bird embroidery at back can up your style by thousand times. So next time you go Blouse hunting for a formal occasion, look for this type of soothing soulful piece.

TIP. This Blouse can be paired with printed silk, tanchoi silk and contrasting plain silk.


2.   Black closed neck Blouse
Designer saree blouses online shopping (2)

This chic and sassy black brocade Blouse brimming with lace can jazz up your look any day. So it’s time to replace your simple mundane black blouse with this new chic on block.

TIP. Go for elbow length sleeves for a more structured look. Pair up this beauty with eternal classic black chiffon.

3.     Ruffled neck silk Blouse

Designer sarees online lowest price (2)

If you are looking for sober and classy style then this high neck Blouse with elbow length sleeves is an ideal choice.

TIP. This blouse looks majestically perfect when you team it up with tussar silk or plain silk with border or you can go further and try experimenting by combining with Banaras weaves.

4.    Choker jeweled Blouse



This is your go-to party Blouse! Choose heavy gold embroidered Blouse that too in red color if you want to make heads turn at a wedding.

TIP. Try combining this Blouse with dull gold net saree or go ahead with a gold bordered red color net saree.

5.      Inverted U with contrast panel Blouse.



A sleeveless Blouse so versatile that it can be easily styled with variety of sarees.

TIP. A blouse that will go with traditional silk heavy embroidered georgette or simple chiffon

6.    Simple vibrant color Blouse



Sometimes simple round neck line Blouse in cheerful color can brighten your day. So bring out your old silks from your closet and combine with contrasting vibrant color Blouse.

TIP. This look is not only comfortable but if combined in a right way with a right color and most importantly right look jewelry can make you look grand.

7.    See-through lace/net Blouse



When it comes to keeping things bold yet classy then this Blouse is a must have.

TIP. For instant glam look combine this Blouse with printed chiffons and georgette jamawar silks.

Hence, carrying a new trend with grace and ease is something we all look for! So this post is all about updating your Blouse trend and just not your sarees. It’s time for your sarees to ditch their old boring companions and hook up with much in vogue style Blouses and Pink Paparazzi has got you covered.

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